Apoteose 40 anos



The “Apoteose 40 Anos” project celebrates four decades of the Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome, which will be completed this year. We invite Carnival enthusiasts and lovers to share their experiences captured over the years at the emblematic Sambódromo and to participate in the International Photography Competition.


This initiative goes beyond simple photos; it is an invitation to build a diverse collection that not only celebrates the brilliance and grandeur of Carnival, but also pays tribute to the visionary creators, Oscar Niemeyer and Darcy Ribeiro. We want to create a robust visual memory, not just as a historical record, but as an artistic expression that endures for future research, exhibitions and posterity.

In addition to the Photography Competition, our project involves the community in actions and interactions on social media. We seek to highlight the cultural and historical importance of the Sambadrome as an iconic space in Rio Carnival. We want every post, share and hashtag to strengthen the bonds that unite people through this passionate experience.


Join us on this journey of celebration, memory and culture. Be an active part of “Apoteose 40 Anos” and help us build a visual legacy that transcends time. And don’t forget to share your Apoteotic Moment on Instagram using the hashtag #Apoteose40anos.