Apoteose 40 anos




This document establishes the rules for adhesion, participation, selection and awarding of individuals and legal entities registered in the International Photography Competition – Apoteose 40Anos, to be carried out in two stages by the Memorável Samba program, of the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), with support from the Samba Global project, the Reference and Information Center for Brazilian Art and Culture (CRIAR) and the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur). Objective, at the same time:

  1. celebrate the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of the Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome, in a popular, collective and participatory way;
  2. pay homage to its creators, the architect Oscar Niemeyer and the anthropologist and educator Darcy Ribeiro, who created the term/concept “Sambódromo” and the place/moment “Apoteose” for the biggest stage of Brazilian popular culture;
  3. promote samba schools, carnival and sambadrome to potential foreign tourists on the web and social networks Instagram and Facebook and
  4. create a large collection of digital and digitized photos that portray the affective and collective memory of the sambadrome’s 40 years, for future generations, research and exhibitions.


Under the central theme Apoteose 40 years, the competition will take place in two stages, described as follows:


1st Stage – Through the page @apoteose40anos on Instagram;


2nd Stage – Using a form on the website www.apoteose40anos.com.br


3.1. – In the 1st Stage, registration of contest participants will be mandatory through the page @apoteose40anos on Instagram, following the hashtags #apoteose40anos, #40anosapoteose and/or #sapucai40anos, from February 5th to May 31st, 2024. At this stage, the photos will be selected by the judging panel, with the results announced on June 30, 2024.


3.2. – In the 2nd Stage, participants with photos selected in the 1st Stage must re-register, describe and contextualize their photos using a form on the website apoteose40anos.com.br, from June 30 to July 13, 2024. In this stage, the photos will be selected by the judging panel, with the results announced in an in-person ceremony and on the website www.apoteose40anos.com.br on July 27, 2024.


First paragraph: mandatory requirements for participation are that registrants follow @apoteose40anos on Instagram and one of the hashtags: #apoteose40anos and/or #40anosapoteose


Second paragraph: photos entered outside the aforementioned periods will be disregarded.


By joining the competition, the participant will automatically declare that they have read, understood and are aware of the entire content of these Regulations.


5.1 – Photos, whether digital or scanned, may have been produced with any photographic equipment, but must be posted via Instagram.


5.2 – The user’s Instagram account must necessarily be open (that is, it must not be private).


The content of the photos is the sole responsibility of the participant. The following will be automatically disqualified:


6.1 – Those who are not following the page @apoteose40anos on Instagram during the scheduled period of the competition.


6.2 – Offensive or Immoral Content: Images that contain offensive, obscene, pornographic content, or that violate standards of decency.


6.3 – Discrimination and Prejudice: Photos that promote discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other form of prejudice.


6.4 – Illegal or Dangerous Acts: Images that suggest or encourage illegal, dangerous activities, harmful to health or safety.


6.5 – Plagiarism and Copyright Violation: Photos that violate the copyright of third parties, including plagiarism or unauthorized use of intellectual property.


6.6 – Excessive Manipulation: Images that have undergone excessive manipulation, to the point of distorting reality in a misleading way.


6.7 – Off-Theme Photos: Participations that are not aligned with the specific theme of the competition.


Paragraph 1 – Photos must comply with current legislation in Brazil, including regarding image rights, with the participant being solely responsible for responding to administrative, civil and criminal sanctions.


Paragraph 2 – The organizers, supporters and website hosting companies will monitor and may remove the published content when considered offensive, regardless of subpoena from the offended party or the judiciary.


7.1 – To participate in the first phase of the project, image rights holders must tag the hashtag @apoteose40anos and follow the page within the scheduled period of the competition.


7.2 – Those who have their images selected by the Judging Committee will receive contact via Instagram inbox, asking them to fill out the form and attach their image in accordance with the technical standards established through the form on www.apoteose40anos.com.br.


7.3 – In the second selection stage, participants must attach an image that meets the technical requirements established for this stage. Images must be in 1:1, 4:5 and 16:9 aspect ratio formats.


7.4 – Participants must choose whether their photo is from a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, as the selection will award photos in these two categories.


7.5 – The initial selection will be based on the technical criteria established for professional or amateur photos and the suitability for the project theme, without distinction of merit.


7.6 – The following are the technical criteria used for selection of both professional and amateur photos:

  • 7.6.1 – Rarity of the photo
  • 7.6.2 – Photo creativity
  • 7.6.3 – Technical quality of the photo
  • 7.6.4 – Importance of the photo for the history of the sambadrome from 1984 to 2023
  • 7.6.5 – Importance of the photo for the carnival celebrating the 40th anniversary of the sambadrome in 2024.


80 photos will be selected (40 from professionals and 40 from amateurs) and those selected will not be awarded cash prizes, but rather award certificates.


9.1. – Copyright and Intellectual Property:

By participating in the “APOTEOSE – 40 Years” contest, participants agree that all copyrights related to the images submitted will remain their property. However, by submitting their photographs, participants grant the proponent, [their name or name of the responsible entity], the non-exclusive, irrevocable and royalty-free right to use, display and promote the images exclusively for purposes related to the project “APOTEOSE – 40 Years”, always respecting the participants’ authorship and ownership of their creations.


9.2 – Terms of Use:

By submitting their images to the competition, participants expressly agree to transfer to the proponent, [their name or name of the responsible entity], the rights to display and promote the images exclusively for purposes related to the “APOTEOSE – 40 Anos” project. Such assignment does not imply the transfer of intellectual property, ensuring that participants maintain their property rights.


10.1 – The competition organizers are not responsible for problems, failures or technical functioning, of any kind, in computer networks, servers or providers, computer equipment, hardware or software, or error, interruption, defect, delay or failure in operations or transmissions for the correct processing of registrations.


10.2 – This competition is not sponsored, supported, administered and has no association with Instagram, Facebook and/or their related companies.


10.3 – This competition is of a cultural nature and is not for profit or commercial purposes.


10.4 – Participation in this competition, whether by individuals or legal entities, will not give the participant any other rights or advantages that are not expressly provided for in these regulations.


10.5 – Participation in this competition is open to both individuals and legal entities (samba school, press organizations, cultural institutions, among other institutions) as long as the entry is submitted by a legal representative of the institution.


10.6 – Participation in this competition implies full and unrestricted acceptance of all items in this regulation.


10.7 – Questions about the regulations and participation in the Apoteose 40Anos International Photography Competition can be sent to the email: apoteose40anos@gmail.com.


10.8 – The legal responsibility for the competition is exclusive to the Brazilian Art and Culture Reference and Information Center (CRIAR), excluding the responsibilities of UNIRIO and EMBRATUR.